This 15-16 passenger Party bus/ Limousine bus is perfect for you and your friends to go paint the town together Great for Proms, Weddings, Bar crawls, casino runs,
winery tours, Kids B-day parties, Football tailgating and more.
This bus features A karaoke machine that has over 3000 songs, 2 tv's, dvd player, Disco floor with dancing pole, party lights, Ipod hook..Bluetooth connectivity and is one
sweet Party bus!
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Call early to secure a bus cause they book up fast!
Indianapolis Party Bus

* Smoking is never permitted in a  Rock Stars party bus, if
caught that person will be asked to get off the bus, and if
repeated it can terminate the service for everyone, no refund!

* You are responsible for your trash at the end of the night, there
will be a $50 charge for excessive clean up and spills, the driver
will approve the bus for the person it's booked from.

* Please,when your ready to be dropped off at your destination
the bus can't set in the middle of the street for long so make sure
everyone getting off is ready to depart, this goes for getting back
on the bus also.

*  Any damages you cause  to bus or it's equipment  will be
charged to your credit card and will terminate the service.

* Illegal use of drugs may terminate your service, no refund

* Fighting and obsessive belligerent behavior may terminate
service, no refund.  

* There will be additional clean up fees  resulting from illness
inside the party bus and charged to credit card if the driver
notices a person getting ill he may ask them to step off the bus.

* May have the authority to conclude services if you are
exceeding your time of rental and the party bus has another
commitment with other customers.

* May not be able to access narrow streets and driveways,
please consider alternate greeting points during reservation
Remember that when you max out a bus, for instance the 24
passenger, 24 is the max and is crowded. I recommend not
maxing out the bus if you want to be comfortable, but this is up to

* These rules are to assure your safety and protect our
investment. We want you to have fun but there are limits.
We want you to have a great time but please party wisely.
Call or Text today to reserve at 765-606-4911 or 317-797-3973